At Cryptopia stole $ 16 million. New details the main hacking of the month

The New Zealand police with the assistance of the blockchain auditor Elementus found out that the breaking of the exchange Cryptopia hackers stole esters and other ERC20-tokens in the amount of $ 16 million. Insights and analysis Elementus was published a week after the public statement about the hacking of Cryptopia. At first, representatives reported unscheduled maintenance. Then there is evidence of hacking, which the exchange suffered significant losses.

According to the analysis of public blockchain, was first hacked two main wallet to the exchange to ETH and the remaining tokens. After the devastation of the funds began to leak and 76 thousand secondary wallets Cryptopia. This process continued until early morning on 17 January.

What tokens was stolen from Cryptopia? Source

As noted by Elementus, the attackers stole a little less than $ 3.6 million in ETH, about 2.4 million in Dentacoin and nearly 2 million in Oyster Pearl. It was also stolen a few other altcoins for a total of about $ 3 million.

According to Cointelegraph, at the moment, hackers managed to cash 880 thousand dollars in a few other exchanges, including Binance, Huobi and HitBTC. The remaining $ 15 million are still on two different wallets under the control of criminals.

According to experts from Elementus, this is a very unusual case. Usually, the hacking of exchanges occur through vulnerabilities in smart-contracts or through unauthorized access to user accounts, which generally implies the breaking of a single purse. In the case of Cryptopia thieves gained access to several thousands of purses and not in a hurry to empty them.

According to recent reports, is that law enforcement authorities asked no more than 40 users hacked exchange. More data look at cryptodata.

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