At Computex Seasonic 2018 – “ultimate” cable management and power supplies with 12-year warranty

After a series of news with the main features of Computex 2018, it’s time to talk about perhaps less visible, but extremely interesting product. At its booth, the company showed a Seasonic Cable Management Device, which is able to “cure” scattered around the body of the wire and a new power supply with 12-year warranty.

Let’s start with the most stylish of the series – Silent Snow. This white, fully modular power supply with 80 Plus Gold certification, and 80 Plus Titanium, depending on model. Devices differ bright appearance and extremely low noise in work. The latter is achieved due to the quiet cooling fans and high-quality circuitry.

In addition, the stand is a block 850 WATT – Prime Air Touch. There are 80 Plus Gold certified, modular wiring and, most importantly, 12 years warranty. Seasonic components so confident in their PSU that is not afraid to give such a long warranty on their product. By the way, we’re using Seasonic PSUs for the last 5 years no problem was not with them.

And for lovers of more compact but no less powerful assemblies, Seasonic showed compact FOCUS SGX-650. The power supply is almost two times less than standard solutions, but there are all branded chips – 80 Plus certified, modular and high efficiency.

The latest and quite promising novelty – a Cable Management Device. This device is a block that acts as a kind of adapter for the wiring. The main objective was to alleviate the hard fate collector PC and greatly improve the appearance of your cable management in the casing. The user needs to connect only one cable going from the PSU in this dock, and all the other components connect directly to this adapter.

The result is a more organized distribution for all wires for convenient connection, the mess of cables you can forget. Oh yeah, this unit has an RGB backlight, without it anywhere now.

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