At a higher price than Apple.. Samsung know buy iPhone old

Secret mission to companies big phones buy old phones within the “swap drivers” in order to enhance popularity on the purchase of phones of the company.

As we have already pointed out, the Apple has announced the prices of the replacement models for iPhone old phones iPhone 11, but it seems that Samsung know prices higher.

Samsung is aiming to promote sales in the festive season raised the prices of the swap old phones, both the Galaxy S or Note, as well as the iPhone and Pixel.

For example, if you wanted to swap the S8 will be worth up to$ 350 after that it was known for it 110$ only, any like buy the Note 10 model 256 GB at a discount of 37%, compared to 600$ instead of 950$.

While used Apple iPhone 6S for$ 100 the Samsung might use it for twice the value. Knowing that these prices continue for a limited time and available software is currently only in some countries such as the United States. But traditionally, such programs swap in Arab countries after months later.

It should be noted that phones that accept the company replaced must be in good condition; and I don’t think the body cameras or any scratches.

Finally, here’s a table of prices of the maximum value has to be paid by Samsung in its phones leading the old or phones of Apple and Google; it stores and Samsung authorized to replace phones assess the condition of the phone to determine its price at the initiation of the swap.

The name of the phone Its price at the swap The increase from the last price
+Samsung Galaxy S10 $600 +$100
Samsung Galaxy S10 $450 +$50
Samsung S10e $450 +$100
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $450 +$150
+Samsung Galaxy S9 $350 +$125
Samsung Galaxy S9 $350 +$150
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $350 +$175
+Samsung Galaxy S8 $350 +$190
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active $350 +$200
Samsung Galaxy S8 $350 +$240
Apple iPhone XS Max $600 +$100
Apple iPhone XS $450 +$50
Apple iPhone XR $450 +$100
Apple iPhone X $450 +$150
Apple iPhone 8 Plus $300 +$75
Apple iPhone 8 $300 +$100
Apple iPhone 7 Plus $200 +$40
Apple iPhone 7 $200 +$90
Apple iPhone 6s Plus $200 +$110
Apple iPhone 6s $200 +$125
Google Pixel 3 $450 +$200
Google Pixel 3 XL $450 +$175
Google Pixel 2 $200 +$100
Google Pixel 2 XL $200 +$75

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Source Samsung America
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