Asus unveils the latest of its devices in the region, including the Mothership and Zephyrus S

أسوس تطرح أحدث أجهزتها في المنطقة بما يشمل Mothership و Zephyrus S

The company launched the Asus is in its brand ROG the latest two versions of the device my Mothership and Zephyrus S reserved for games in the Middle East after the company announced the device earlier this month with an exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019. The device comes first style Mothership (GZ700) comes second with Zephyrus S (GX701).

And speaking of your Mothership (GZ700), it comes carries a processor Intel Core i9 of the second generation next to it contains a graphics card GeForce RTX 2080 from Nvidia. It also comes with a screen measuring 17.3 inches.

The second device Zephyrus S (GX701), it comes in several options of Intel Core i second generation processor with graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and the Max-Q Design. It will be available for purchase during the second quarter of the current year with the previous device.

For its part, has announced the Asus for Ask Note devices Xbox Zenbook 14 (UX431) during the second quarter, the Zenboook S13 (UX392), which is now available in retail stores which is a device that has a screen 97% of the interface device, and the VivoBook 14/15 (X412/512) which will be available for purchase in February.

Commented Mr. Jeff Lu, regional director for Asus in the Middle East by saying “the launch of these products in the Middle East for the first time after the unveiling during the Consumer Electronics Show for the year 2019 comes a reflection of the importance of the Middle East ASUS Republic Of they focus. Expressed customer desire for the latest innovations in the field of games and appreciate their support and their confidence in our products.”

He added, “has become the gaming hub in the future of sports in the Middle East region. In the light of the Dubai Declaration last year on the establishment of “Stadium Dubai X” of electronic games, and soon will become the Dubai hub at the regional level and globally in hosting events, electronic games, allowing the opportunity to attract millions of gaming electronic and observers and enthusiasts from various parts of the world. Proceeding from our commitment to the vision of the continent we strive to ask the best innovations in the field of electronic games.”

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