Asus turn to ask the graphics card the Radeon RX 590

Radeon RX 590

Turn Asus, famous for its production of the graphic cards, to card Radeon RX 590 of the model ROG STRIX oriented for video games, and it also confirmed trusted site videocardz via peer ID.

Graphics card new, is not entirely new, they are still based on the architectural Polaris geared for the intermediate category of the specifications, and will contain the card on 8 GB of RAM and will work quickly to 2000 MHz, and the card itself will run at a speed 1545 MHz.

And Asus is planning to launch a business relationship with the Radeon is the Arez with a monopoly of other brands to buy Nvidia, but that Nvidia canceled the program memory with pressure big media, and therefore it seems that the relationship of ROG STRIX will cards AMD graphic also new.

Anyway, wait for an official announcement.

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