Asus send out a security update to address a gap ShadowHammer

We talked days before about a serious breakthrough you servers Asus enabled the Pirates to add a digital signature of its own security updates built-in malicious software sent to users computers the ASUS, I knew this gap and immigration as ShadowHammer today, ASUS has of their security solution not through the update is downloaded by the Live Update link in all the edges.

I didn’t write to ASUS about this security update, but also have a tool to check the additional users who complain know their software malware, can download the tool from the link and tested it on their eyebrows to give them reassurance enough.

Rest assured the Asus their users to only a few – without – organs already damaged from malware and vulnerabilities, so probably most users won’t be their servers have been to him. And via download the security update tool examination can confirm the better.

If your device is infected by the malicious it is recommended to perform a backup of data and restore the factory settings for the operating system to be completely removed.

The previous estimates had pointed to expectations that the number of devices that were software malicious an estimated hundreds of thousands and published on its way to a million computers. Managed Kaspersky of found in tens of thousands of computers.

Although Asus didn’t think explicitly about this, but was assured that they had taken several steps to security procedures to ensure no recurrence.

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