Asus ROG Mothership is a computer games the new Asus design is the first of its kind in the world


Stand Asus behind manufacturing some of the best computers games available in the market today, whose Asus ROG affiliate of this company is prestigious in the industry computers are very popular among players all over the world. In the case if you are one of lovers of the products of this company, you may be happy to know that Asus today at CES CES 2019 currently held in Las Vegas, USA slide the curtain officially computer new games not like any other computer, the Asus designed the computer Asus ROG Mothership to be the computer desk of a dog, in fact on the body of the laptop.

Out of the predicate of the backend of the company at the touch of a button, you can detach the keyboard from the screen and use a wireless. Bringing the Asus ROG Mothership as a laptop like the Surface Pro, but he has the ability to play games with high efficiency.

Happens to be the Asus ROG Mothership is the first computer games come preset with card graphics Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 Series, so it is possible to get this computer with the graphics card Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q. although it deals with the form of a laptop computer, all the components of this device are placed behind the screen which has the size of 17 inch and accurately FullHD with the knowledge that this screen has too fast response of 3 parts of a second refresh rate reaches its 144Hz refresh rate.

Allowed vertical design buy Asus of the intense heat generated by a computer of this type, instead of locking them up between the keyboard and which holds the device. According to Asus, it is possible to get this computer with up to the second generation of Intel Core i9 which has been broken is its speed due to the efficient cooling provided by the vertical design. Moreover, it is possible to also get this laptop with up to 64GB of RAM DDR4, and with three self storage type of SSD. Other features include support for property security, Windows Hello, a USB Type-C, HDMI port, and MicroSD, as well as the Ethernet port, and make the company strongly 280W.

This computer is not a laptop as laptops typically, they have reported not the Asus that the Asus ROG Mothership weighs about 4 kilograms and a half. Before concluding We would like to point out that it will display the computer Asus ROG Mothership for sale later this quarter at a price yet to be disclosed until now.

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