Asus reveal a funky design in your ROG Mothership GZ700 custom games

The latest version of computers, custom gaming offer from Asus today on your ROG Mothership GZ700 who comes to designing funky.

Asus- ROG Mothership Gaming PC

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Comes ROG Mothership GZ700 markets in the third quarter of 2019, where it features a detachable keyboard, with the unit kickstand to install the screen also features the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9.

The design of the ROG Mothership GZ700

The device comes designed with the logo of Republic of Gamers, where it appears at the outset as traditional games, however, Asus revealed the design of the keyboard is detachable and that comes with the unity kickstand for installation.

Also the keyboard comes with the support of touch in the upper part design is trying to ROG Zephyrus S, where it can extend the keyboard in your Mothership to show the panel that supports touch, which also comes as a digital.

In the back of your Mothership comes kickstand device to support the feature of ventilation is best for the device, featuring LED lighting, also supports the Asus keyboard mechanism of the non-traditional is also art on the screen, also supports the keyboard to fold in half.

It features a Mothership with a screen size of 17.3 inches that supports the quality of the presentation 1920 1080 pixels, refresh rate frames to 144 HZ, as the device comes model 4K at the rate of update frames to 60Hz, with 100% of the Adobe Color sRGB, and the weight of the device to 4.73 kg, with measurements 16.1 12.6 in 1-inch.

ROG Mothership Gaming PC

Specifications ROG Mothership GZ700

It features a ROG Mothership GZ700 the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9-9980HK, with the memory of 64 GB RAM, and 3 of the memory NVMe M. 2 PCI SSD with RAID configurations 0, it also has a card screen GeForce RTX 2080 from Nvidia, with video memory 8 GB VRAM, also supports Wi-Fi6.

ROG G703

Device ROG G703

Has revealed Asus also update computer custom gaming ROG G703, which features the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9, also comes the value of 16.73 in 12.56 in 1.87 to 2 inch, also up the weight of the device to 4.71 kg.

It features the design of the device by commas brass special big size, it also comes with keys designed deep provide a comfortable experience for the user, also come to the keyboard right-click the custom Xbox.


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