ASUS respond to respond to the attacks of ASUS Live Update

Published ASUS official statements in response to the recent attacks that targeted tool software update ASUS Live Update, where the company explained the nature of these attacks, and the steps taken by the company to secure and protect users.

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The comments ASUS that attacks Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) are attacks on the international level is usually waged by specific states, targeting organizations or political entity-specific, so these attacks don’t target all users.

The police also confirmed the importance of the tool ASUS Live Update that bring benefit to many users of the ASUS devices, providing updates firmware important software systems and devices, which is the main reason to target this group device to hack the server and add malicious code targeting a limited number of devices and users.

Has responded to ASUS for the attacks that targeted this number of user devices, where customer service to identify this group that have already been affected from the attacks, also supports this group to protect their devices and remove any security risk that threatens their own hardware.

Also provide the ASUS update is a new in a tool Live Update comes in version number to 3.6.8 to protect and secure the users, where the company has developed a variety of mechanisms to verify the security standards, which also work to prevent any breach of the hardware comes in the form of a software update, and enhance the efficiency of the consultation.

From another side confirmed the ASUS to promote and secure the reality of the external server of the company, to face and prevent any similar attacks in the future, in addition, was created a tool to check the security standards in software update, where this device on the internet to support users to conduct preventive another, or users can communicate with the customer service at ASUS for more information.

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