Asus patented new smart phone with a camera popup


One of the ways used by smartphone manufacturers to avoid the use of screens provided by the smart phones are the cameras pop-up. This means that the phone interface will be entirely covered with the police, while the front camera is in the mechanism of a pop-up on the reverse smart phones with machining, which include front camera and the rest of the sensors and other necessary in that the coins on the level of the screen.

So far, we have seen companies such as Oppo and Vivo adopts such a design, and can be Asus is the following that you do. According to the patent a new invention was registered by the Taiwanese company, it seems they applied for a patent for a smartphone featuring a camera popup. Include the patent to three different designs in different sizes for the frame pop-up the top of the device.

There are pros and cons for this design, and pop-up small means using less material, lighter weight. However, the downside is that due to it being small, this may be the pop-up window weak infrastructure unlike the pop-up window which can be more solid, but based on the chart, its design does not seem the most attractive.

However, this is just a patent, so there is what confirms to us that Asus will analyze the phone embodied in the patent this to a physical product, so it is best not to speak too much to this idea at the moment.

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