Asus decide to wholly get out of the tablet market, according to a new report


Know the market of tablet devices equipped with Android for neglecting in recent years, either from consumers or device manufacturers, which made the situation in this market go from bad to worse, he is suffering from a low level. According to what Rose now, it appears that Asus has assessed the situation and decided to get out of the tablet market completely. It is estimated that the company informed the distribution channels own that he will not be launching any tablets new with Android OS in the future.

Refers site CNBeta that Asus has allowed the channels of distribution in the sense that they decided not to launch any tablets new with Android OS. It is believed that the company made this decision to improve the resource development and marketing additional to the section smart phone, which oversees the development and marketing of series of its smart phones Asus Zenfone, and Asus ROG Phone.

Was Asus ZenPad 8 is the tablet the last it’s made by Asus has run out already. This shows that the company is not producing additional units of this device. This should result in a change to the renewal of the company Asus for its focus on the smartphone market, a market the company continues to matchup very large Chinese companies.

Didn’t know Asus officially on this report until now, but it is not very hard to believe that the company made this decision.

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