Asus celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the conference Computex 2019

Celebrates the Asus today during a technology conference, Computex 2019 thirtieth anniversary of the launch of the company, offering a range of special edition anniversary of the organs of the ZenFone 6, the وZenBook, motherboard X299, the وZenBook Pro Duo and also ZenScreen Touch.

Contract Jonney Shih conference in Computex 2019, to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of Asus, as revealed during the conference a collection of special versions of the devices and the company provided today’s anniversary.

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Among the special versions that are provided from the company today in the celebrations of the anniversary of phone ZenFone 6 Edition 30, with laptop ZenBook Edition 30, motherboard Prime X299 Edition 30.

Asserts that Asus ‘ own versions of devices the company on the company’s focus is on the development of distinctive design with the highest performance in the devices, as the company confirmed during the event press that the company is proud to satisfy a variety of users from gamers, the amount and other large base of users, devices Asus.

It is planned that the Asus ZenBook Edition 30 design of luxurious leather with the original logo featured painted rose gold 18 carats, along with a range of accessories of luxury in support of this release, also scheduled for this release features the smallest size in the screen is 13 inches which is running 95% of the frame of the machine, as the device supports a Core i7 processor from Intel.

As Asus phone ZenFone 6 Edition 30 that comes with a sense of the thirtieth anniversary with the Ram of 12 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 512 GB, it also features a black matte.

Also provide a motherboard Asus Prime X299 Edition 30 that come with the highest rate of nuclei, also come motherboard improvements in the processing unit, with improvements in energy consumption.

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