Aston Martin unveils its electric car first Rapide E

أستون مارتن تكشف النقاب عن سياراتها الكهربائية الأولى Rapide E

Revealed the luxury car company known as Aston Martin for the first of its electric car fully through the Auto Show in the Chinese city of Shanghai today, and iPad on the car by the name Rapide E but she didn’t know about the price, but they talked about making 155 cars of this type only.

And Aston Martin to its policies powered with a battery of 800 volts and vigorously 65 kW/ hour, according to what the company has confirmed the Rapide E will be able to walk up to 320 km on a single charge.

Will the new car drive dual when axle the front will provide a power of 600 hp, and can deliver the vehicle speed up to 250 km per hour. Also that the car will be able to reach speeds of 100 km within 4 seconds only.

Will the car windows smart CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto from Google, and will be supported by a screen of about 8 inches in the front slit from the inside as well as the screen, back size 10 inches behind the steering wheel.

It was Aston Martin has announced the car in 2015, to launch in 2018, but the launch was delayed a lot as we see. As stated by the company, the car Rapide E industry has been in the village of San than in South Wales will continue to manufacture electric cars there.

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