(Association Libres) led by Facebook collapse with the withdrawal of Mastercard and eBay say

The company announced new features, including: (MasterCard) Mastercard, and the(eBay) eBay, and(Stripes) Stripe, today Friday its withdrawal from (the Association of Libra) Libra Association, which seeks – led by Facebook – to build a global digital.

Comes withdrawal (Mastercard), and(eBay), and(Stripes), after a week of the declaration of location of money transfer service us (PayPal) – which was formerly the parent company of the vendor (eBay) – about his withdrawal from the assembly.

The move also comes a few days before the first official meeting for the association (Libres), to be held on 14 October in the Swiss city of Geneva, which is likely to lead to specific obligations of all the members concerned. However, the defections leave the work of LeBron in a perilous position, especially that the assembly is hoping to bypass the primary criticisms of the project.

Said site (eBay) said in a statement: “We need to see (the association Libres) strongly”. He added: “however, they (eBay) decision not to proceed as a founding member. At the present time, we focus on providing the experience of payments managed (eBay) to our customers.”

The company (Stripes) has given an explanation similar to their withdrawal. She said: “the (stripes) supports projects aimed at making internet commerce easier for people all over the world.” She added: “Enjoy LeBron this potential. We will follow the progress closely and remain open to work with the Association of Libra at a later stage”.

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In response, thanked the chairman of the policy (Association Libres) – (Dante’s debt) – companies on their continuous support to the mission of the organization. “We’re focused on moving forward and continue to build a strong bond to some of the world’s leading companies, organizations and social influence and other stakeholders”. He added: “We look forward to the inaugural meeting of the Council of the Association of LeBron after only 3 days and the declaration of the first members of the association Libres”.

It is indicated that members of the (association field), the rest are facing increasing pressure from governments and regulatory bodies, and many of them that the project represents a threat to the current financial system. And last Wednesday, he urged the two members of the Senate Democratic companies (Visa) and(Mastercard), and(Streep) to reconsider engaging in the project (Libres), saying that it may be not the factors of organizational great on any participating company.

In the letter to the companies, said a member of the Senate Democrats: “if you guys keep at this, it would expect a high degree of scrutiny by regulators, not only on the activities related to the currencies (LeBron), but also for all the activities of the defense”.

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