Assistant Huawei new and amazing that you will help me about your girlfriend

Artificial intelligence techniques are already on the top of a lot of technologies that are researched and developed in the world right now, the company Huawei seeking to step you want to impress you by where, according to a new report the rules of the new artificial intelligence of Huawei will be very sensation so that it “makes use of your girlfriend”.

2017 has already seen the beginning of the real conflict in the world of assistants and artificial intelligence on the smart phones also saw the sky of smart issued and sold, and even now companies Google and Apple are leading the calls for the scene with the aid of Google Assistant وSiri.

In addition, the number of companies you want to apply the face of her own for assistant artificial intelligence resulted in Bixby from Samsung وThinQ of LG وAlexa also from Amazon which is developed by the company in the headphones Echo smart. Company Huawei, the Chinese even though they seemed not very interested in this side but according to the statements of the new and exciting, the company also has big ambitions for assistant artificial intelligence you are working on.

Although developed to Assistant the sound of my voice -not interested in her and only in China – the company wants to provide future assistant artificial intelligence emotional. According to the statements of Felix Zhang, Vice President of engineering software in the company the rules of artificial intelligence that seeks to mimic it will save emotional reactions “because this is the direction that users want,” according to the description of the Felix didn’t work on IT company.

The Felix interview article of our company’s ambitions with the help of artificial intelligence that was in the movie Her, which bore the name Samantha, saying that the film is already a source of inspiration for her and her staff at Huawei, where he said that this is considered a dream for all engineers. Expect Felix to be in the near future the user will need for his phone to use it was possible to turn the movie Her and person to dispense with his sweetheart because of the artificial intelligence.

And these statements more than questions of whether artificial intelligence will be harmful or beneficial to humans, in this case the artificial intelligence is supposed that the person does not feel lonely, but it is in fact possible to cause the unit a lot-if I wish-. In any case, all we have now is dreams, where it doesn’t look like we’ll see the draft Huawei talk soon.

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