Assistant Google will be able to facial recognition for the identification of the speaker

مساعد قوقل سيكون قادرًا على التعرف على الوجه لتحديد شخصية المتحدث

Owns the assistant of Google’s ability to identify the speaker and filter commands based on the photo, where you can specify more than one person for the same domestic helper for example will be the device with the intelligence to know the owner of the photo for the replies correspond with and separately from the other.

But according to the new beta version to develop the plugin on the Android platform, show the code when parsing the files suggest the possibility of know plugin on the image of the user through the scanned by the camera on the phones; just as the case with facial recognition protection.

This feature will be a big leap not in the capacity of assistant to Google to know the person and increase protection, but it will be very Help for people suffering from problems talk because it will enable them to create their account and upload their orders without the need for their photos as usual of the advantages of the former.

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