Assistant Google digital will support 30 languages and a huge variety of devices

مساعد قوقل

مساعد قوقل

Announced Google to help its digital Google Assistant process support, 30 language through this year, that in preparation for their participation in the Barcelona Exhibition MWC, which starts its activities 26 February.

The company said it has sought during the past year to develop the plugin to understand the words the user a limited set of languages including English, German, in addition to French. Adding it in the coming months will provide support for some new languages such as Hindi, Dutch, Indonesian, add two languages Swedish and Norwegian.

The assistant would the possibility of understanding more than one language at the same time, users no longer need to select your native language, because the plugin will automatically understand the language that is spoken to pass it to the algorithm were required.

In addition to the context, confirmed google it cooperates with a group of smart phone manufacturers, like LG and Sony share, to support the digital assistant is widely within the appliance, where it will be able to users devices those companies doing the digital assistant without having to turn the screen on, but not limited to. Moreover, Google with some of the telecom companies to become the assistant to Google the digital is able to provide some answers about the types of packages and services offered by those companies.

Finally, the promised Google access a property routine, any implementation of a set of commands through the pronunciation of a voice command one, this is not reviewed earlier. You’ll also find in the property development depending on the geographical location.

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