Assistant Google Coming features more support users soon

This topic Gmail Assistant comes more privileges to support users soon appeared on Engadget.

Move Google company on the development of her virtual rapidly during the recent period, and in the new update Google introduces the feature of sending messages over the phone to the speaker or the smart screens in the house, among more features are available to plugin Google over the next few days.

The company has launched Google’s new update to her assistant virtual with more features that supports the user better in control technology smart house.

Through this update, Google provided the feature of sending messages from the phone to the speaker, or to the smart screens in the house, besides the possibility of receiving a reply to your messages over the phone using push notifications appear via a pop-up window on the screen of the phone where you receive the reply via voice or text messages.

Also due to available new feature in speaker and smart grids that support assistant, Google virtual in the coming weeks.

Smart screens also get better support from Assistant Google the default in the next period, to support user requirements of for recipes new trying the recipe has been searched for previously by the user, are updated this recipe continuously for the user.

Also from the new features provided by Google through its default in the new update feature to set alerts for the user on speakers smart audio in messages and fun characters animated Famous, which works to stimulate the user when the development of an event specific in a person that has been chosen with the music, the jokes where you can choose between the characters of LEGO City, and LEGO Life or LEGO Friends, along with characters Nickelodeon وTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Recall that Google provides constant updates to her assistant the virtual and hardware smart, so I got a magnifying voice in the beginning of this month to feature audio effects better to read, and play music.


This topic Gmail Assistant comes more privileges to support users soon appeared on Engadget.

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