Assistant application Google speaks Arabic now

تطبيق مساعد جوجل يتحدث العربية الآنAssistant application Google speaks Arabic now

Assistant application Google speaks Arabic now

Extra Google finally Arabic support to the application of her voice , Google Assistant , where you can now talk to Google and purchase orders in Arabic on your smart phone.

Google has not officially announced the annexation of the Arab to the language packs on the application of the audio plugin, but if I went to the settings of the app, the language, you’ll find the option of the Arabic language among the available options.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

After add the Arabic language to the list of languages that can Assistant Google understand, Go and check with Google, but noticed it’s still in the egg stage until now, perhaps not respond with a large number of words .

Experience editor sideburns shall :

A screen shot of the application Assistant Google speaks the Arabic language

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