Assistant Alexa audio become available in full to users of the Windows 10

مساعد أليكسا الصوتي أصبح متاح بشكل كامل لمستخدمي ويندوز 10

Amazon launched the application of her voice, Alexa, on software store for users of the Windows 10 operating system. This is the official launch of the audio tour after the partnership with Microsoft, after that I started Amazon tested on a number of earlier devices.

It has a new app to help voice to several advantages as with other platforms, where he offers a listening service and music and the ability to search and access files, and assistance of home, and other. And Amazon it will be advantages to control other devices Windows with the beginning of 2019.

Everyone can download the app via the App Store and use it, so automatically works with devices that support the autoplay for the audio, while it will be some of the users have to press on the icon operating themselves to talk to the audio tour.

Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon to integrate services Alexa and Cork Our with on windows before the release of the official app, also agreed to support Alexa for Xbox One.

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