Assessment of values: in Google Chrome there is an extension that is struggling with prejudice in the crypt

A new extension for Google Chrome called Coinflict of Interst is designed specifically for investors in the cryptocurrency. With it, developers want to combat prejudice and create fake news stories from well-known people in cryptosphere. Thanks to the decision, ordinary users can also assess the mood of the crowd by the posts on Twitter.

A conflict of interest against the lies

Coinflict of Interst can be installed in Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Software development was done by Luke childs. His goal is to get rid of prejudices that hinder a healthy life, the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

How does it work? For example, the user sees a negative message about Bitcoin from one of the major Twitter accounts. Coinflict of Interst the estimation of the behavior of the accounts to understand whether the criticism is justified or someone just trying to discredit the coin.

There are many people who openly Express their opinions on Twitter. However, it is sometimes very difficult to determine their real motives.

Recall, for the past few months, cryptocommunist “loved” to criticize Ripple due to the centralized nature of the blockchain of the project. To filter information from social networks, childs distributes all the tweets in three categories: relative to the previous negative reports, the overall mood of the author and his criticism of things that is often mentioned in the past.

According to Luke, doing it all manually is quite hard and long. That’s why he decided to develop a Coinflict of Interst is a convenient solution, outstanding results of calculations in an intelligible form.

However, while the application supports only the four most popular coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Statistics regarding cryptocurrency is displayed to the right on the page of each user. For example, the CEO Binance often tweets about Ripple, in addition to Binance Coin.

Source: Bitcoinist

Acne Buterin, of course, talking about the Ethereum.

Source: Bitcoinist

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