Assessment of the navigation gestures within the interface of the phones

With companies to customize the interface of the smart phones of the company only, it was necessary to develop a system of mobility within the system interface to replace physical buttons and Virtual, this came each company a system of gestures to its own view that the most practical, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of each system.


A large proportion of gestures to draw from the bottom bar, and in general the system is simple, which facilitates used to it, as well as the smoothness of the movement, the gestures. The what is the lack of portability of tape gestures are customizable, and some gestures drag from the top of the screen which may be difficult with a screen 6 inches or larger.

Add to travel down in an empty area to bring a notification center, and the Up arrow to move to the app drawer; provided interface of One system UI gestures new replaces navigation buttons all three nod drag up from the same place each button to do his job.

What distinguishes it is its simplicity that is unmatched and therefore easily learned, but live it adds nothing to the previous system but increases the voltage requirements for the same functions of the navigation buttons default with drag instead of click.


Benefit system Huawei put the thumb of the user when the filter which is at the top of the screen typically, where the drag right and left of the upper side of the company performs the function of reference, and the drag of the bottom of the screen up with the stand for a second knows the key recently, and return to the Home screen be away from the bottom of the screen without falling.

What distinguishes the system is easy to use with one hand and customization options clear that allows to hide the signs of gestures visible on the screen, either what is the lack of a gesture swipe down to access Notification Center.


System Gestures focuses on the drag of the bottom of the screen, and its many customization options to hide visual signs altogether. The what is the lack of gestures to the side that was to record many of the implementation of the function refer to the large screen, you drag up from the left and right of the bottom of the screen to activate the reference may be confusing.


Likes to pull up from the small bar to get to open apps recently which are a search bar and Google, but have for the thumb to reach the back button with lack of gestures tow Side located in Huawei phones and iPhone.

Therefore, what sets it apart is the interface application, the Open recent-rich elements. And live it is the graphics that look like buttons regular navigation, but with the absence of the second button on the right, as well as lack of options to customize the experience.

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