Asian manufacturers of chips to challenge Qualcomm

At the moment, most manufacturers of components for smartphones, develop its own chips for mobile networks of the fifth generation. Dominates in this market to date, the company Qualcomm with their 5G modems. And we must not forget that the scope of 5G is not limited to just mobile electronics. Here and stationary equipment, and even self-driving cars. So the prospects are huge. And everyone wants to bite their piece of the pie, including Asian developers who have decided to challenge Qualcomm.

Today, Qualcomm is the only supplier of modem chips for 5G smartphones from Xiaomi, LG, ZTE, and many others. It is possible that for Samsung. But players such as Huawei Technologies of China and Taiwan’s MediaTek see an opportunity to oust the market leader.

Guide MediaTek claims that about one-fifth of their working life they are sent to work in this direction. Huawei, meanwhile, has invested heavily in developing its own modem 5G which it claims is more advanced than its American competitor. Also, the Beijing Unisoc firm promises to submit your 5G modem in the near future.

Asian companies tend to take advantage of sharp growth in the number of devices that support 5G next year. According to Bernstein Research, the number of shipped devices that support 5G, including phones, routers and other devices is expected to grow from less than 5 million in 2019 to more than 50 million in 2020. A number of smartphone manufacturers have also announced plans to launch mobile phones with support for 5G in the next 12 months.

In addition to smartphones, the modem chips are used in everything from routers, tablets and Wearables to virtual reality headsets. Advanced modem chips are a key component of 5G telecommunications technology that provides much faster data transfer with less delay than the previous generation. It will be crucial for tasks such as self-driving cars, augmented reality, and computing-based AI.

“Our 5G modem can download data two times faster than our competitor.” — said in a recent WMC 2019 Richard Yu, CEO Huawei consumer trends. “We have created the world’s fastest modem 5G, and also the fastest smartphone in the world 5G.”

Desire Huawei to succeed in this area is part of its ambitious programme to become the leader in its field and to reduce its dependence on foreign chip manufacturers. They already create about 60% of mobile processor Kirin used to own the high-end smartphone and recently introduced the newest processor kunpeng banking analyst for server products.

“We believe that Huawei HiSilicon Technology just one step behind Qualcomm and they want to become the largest Asian developer of chips already in 2019,” said mark Li, an analyst at Bernstein Research.

Many other vendors also want to improve their position with the 5G. Modem Taiwanese company MediaTek, scheduled for the end of this year, can be used in mobile devices as early as 2020. So says company President Joe Chen.

“We expect smartphones 5G will definitely take off and will force consumers to replace their old model for a new phone 5G in the following year in 2020. This is a great opportunity for us, so we integrate modem 5G mobile CPU solutions.”

However, there are on the field and another player is Intel. The world’s largest manufacturer of processors for PCs and servers, which increases the production of modems 5G. At the moment Intel is a leading supplier of modem chips for Apple, but there is information that Apple is developing its own to create 5G modem. So the market in the next few years can change a lot. Qualcomm, however, is not worried about the impending competition.

“We don’t think too much about what others are doing. We want to make sure that we continue to innovate and have solutions that will allow you to quickly expand the production of chips 5G. Competition in any of the new generations of wireless technologies is not something new. It happened in the beginning of the era of 4G, the same thing happens at the beginning of the 5G era.”

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