As yesterday’s rise of altcoins affected the stock market?

Yesterday a lot of altcoins rose against the dollar. If in the near future to the crypt nothing bad will happen, traders are likely to continue to buy coins on pullbacks down. So now it can form a local uptrend on the charts of the five most popular altcoins.


The volatility of EOS has grown, and now the bulls have the situation with the auction under its control. For the past day coin went up by almost 4 percent, which is a very good result in a bear market.

Due to yesterday’s pullback on the 1-day chart gradually began to form the bottom. A rise above $ 7 will be a true sign to open long positions.

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However, some experts have different opinion about the EOS. Recently, the developer of Bitcoin Jimmy song saidthat EOS is Scam, and people should get a coin party.


LTC is still in the horizontal channel, which stretches from 50 to 70 dollars. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency has grown by five percent, which saved her from the drain below the support channel.

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At the moment there are no clear signals to buy Litecoin. We recommend you to watch the 1-day schedule cryptocurrencies. At a penetration level of 70 dollars it is already possible to open a long position.


Yesterday XLM grew by almost six percent, but the bears have not allowed the asset to gain a foothold above $ 0.25. Scale 1-daily chart we can observe a large upper shadow of the last candle that indicates a strong pressure of sellers.

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Here too are a waiting game. Now the asset should not fall below 18 cents. Otherwise, the next key support level will be the area 8 cents.


The price of the TRX is in a very narrow horizontal channel since mid-August. Recently, PAMP has become a promising sign for further growth, but the coin still could not break the upper boundary of the channel at the level of 0.02 dollars.

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Unfortunately, even the loud statements by Justin Sana not much help Throne. Currently we recommend to refrain from trading Aldona.


ADA is a very difficult situation — the price of the coin, literally, “sandwiched” between short-term downtrend and the support line. A break of either of these borders will be a clear signal to open a trade position.

Image source — NewsBTC

While Cardano increased by three percent. For a long-term uptrend bitcoin you need to break the level 12 cents. The following objectives for taking profits 20 and 40 cents.

Analysis of schedules prepared in the Platform.


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