As was tested the first prototypes of the iPhone

On 29 June 2007, went on sale the first iPhone. The cult smartphone has been developed for several years by the best engineers and specialists. The process of creating the future of the product took place in the utmost secrecy — at that time only a handful of employees knew about how in the end will look like the original iPhone. But as it developed the main product of the company?

The answer to this question could give the journalists The Verge, in whose hands were the exclusive iPhone prototype.

As says the publication, Apple has struggled to keep the iPhone development secret. To do this, the company resorted to rather unusual measures. All engineers and developers working on the ambitious project, has at its disposal a special device, the components of which were located on a separate logical Board.

Visually, this device resembled a typical motherboard — here you can find the usual network ports and USB ports. However, there were notable differences — for example, the Board was staffed with a slot for SIM cards, antennas for Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth, a cellular module, ARM processor Samsung with clock frequency of 620 MHz, memory-NAND flash 4 GB, and also corresponding connectors for the output signal.

It is also interesting that the charge was mounted the camera to work on the software part of the embedded module. There was also a place for the internal battery. Here you can find the RJ11 port. With the help of it the prototype of the future smartphone could be connected to wired telephone lines to test voice and the development of the software.

There are many other unknown connectors — most likely, they were intended for low level debugging equipment.

Before us is set an impossible task. We were told that this product depends on the fate of the company. We had crazy pressure — says engineer Andy Grigson.

According to journalists The Verge, these prototypes were only used in the development of the original iPhone. Now Apple is practicing a slightly different approach when developing new models use only a small protective case to keep the design of future devices secret.

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