As the weak demand for the iPhone has affected Apple’s main suppliers

That the new iPhone model sold not as good as I would like this Apple know, perhaps, everything. In early January, the company lowered the revenue forecast for the last quarter, which resulted in certain consequences. As it turned out, the impact was not only on Apple itself, but also its main suppliers and, accordingly, their financial indicators.

For example, the main supplier of cameras for iPhone, the company Largan Precision, have already declared a significant decrease in their income. The drop was about to 33.9% and in the end the manufacturer was able to earn only 104,9 million dollars in the last quarter.

Also severely affected the South Korean company SK Hynix, which supplies Apple RAM. Its shares for a short period fell by almost 5%. In addition, the value of the securities dropped and the main supplier of speakers and microphones for iPhone, manufacturer AAC Technologies Holdings. The total reduction of shares averaged 5.5 per cent.

Of course, weak demand and subsequent reduction in the production of iPhone could not affect the main manufacturing partner of Apple — Foxconn. According to official data, the income producer for December fell 8%. Although not directly mention the reason for the revenue decline, the experts are sure the problem is the iPhone.

Foxconn is also concerned about the litigation between Apple and chip maker Qualcomm. Analysts have suggested that the company from Cupertino may move production of their products from Foxconn to Pegatron. These actions will help Apple to circumvent the injunction on the sale of the iPhone in China.

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