As the US fight with Huawei delay the development of 5G

Sanctions imposed by the US on Huawei, can not only hurt the U.S. economy, but also to slow the development of 5G technology worldwide, reports Reuters. This is due to the fact that large global corporations have banned its employees have any connection with the employees of Huawei. The prohibition applies not only working relationships, but also informal. Thus companies try to protect themselves from possible accusations of collaboration with the American government.

At the moment the number of companies that forbid their employees to interact with employees of Huawei, and includes Qualcomm, Intel, InterDigital Wireless and LG Uplus. The latest venture, by the way, is entirely Korean company, which, however, did not prevent him to cut any contact with Huawei – just in case.

Who is to blame

It is noteworthy that the decision to ban relationships between employees is an initiative of Intel, Qualcomm, InterDigital Wireless and LG Uplus. The Commerce Department did not issue appropriate directives, which may cause a slight misunderstanding of most reading this piece. Why, in the end, volunteered to burn all bridges, unless there is a direct indication of the authorities. However, everything is more than obvious: companies are afraid that this way may not please the US, and therefore, the risk of current and future contracts for government contracts.

But how will this affect the development of 5G, you ask? The fact that employees of telecommunication companies often gather at various meetings and conferences in which to discuss the possibility of developing fifth generation networks, share ideas and solve different problems. They understand that their joint work will provide much more fruit than trying to work alone. And since Huawei is one of the industry leaders, the ban on interaction with the engineers of the Chinese company could lead to the freezing of some joint projects, and ultimately slow down the development of 5G.

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