As the trade war between the US and China will affect Apple

A trade war between the US and China continues to gain momentum. In early may, the US President has decided to increase duties on certain products from China. It is noteworthy that this list includes materials and components for almost all Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Mac. In this regard, experts believe that the rise in prices is inevitable.

Previously on the import of goods from China operated a tax of 10%, but now it has increased to 25%. Analysts believe that the cost of production of Apple will increase worldwide. It is expected that the price increase will affect not only the company’s core products, but also accessories — power adapters, chargers, cables.

But that’s not all. Edition South China Morning Post, citing its own intelligence sources, claims that along with the increase in the cost of parts for iPhone, will increase the cost of its production — it is estimated that 20%.

With this prediction agrees and a senior analyst at Wedbush Dan As. According to him, established the supply chain will be disrupted, due to the large difference in the cost of components. However, it is possible that the contractors will meet Apple and provide special conditions or discounts on the previously signed contract.

It is unlikely that all these costs will take Apple likely all costs will be included in the cost of new devices. On the other hand, sales of the iPhone and so are going through hard times — if the price of smartphones will increase even more, the company risks permanently losing its advantage in the premium segment.

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