As the old Nexus smartphones turn into a device for secure communication

Safety was never a horse Android. Despite the updates with vulnerability fixes that Google releases every month, they do not greatly alter the situation. First, because I’ve heard the patch still not up to all users, and, secondly, because of vulnerabilities in the operating system so much that seems to fix them all to developers the search giant will not be possible until the end of time. Pretty ironic that the most secure smartphones also run on Android. Only need to beef.

Android smartphones give better protection than the iPhone

In the United States and Europe, there are companies that specifically improve smartphones, turning them into super-secure means of communication, untraceable, writes Motherboard. Most often, this does not take newest models like the Nexus 5 or 5X. Their pereprodavat, replacing the standard firmware custom, disable sensors like GPS tracking and install the SIM card without the ability to make calls. Therefore, all communication is conducted through secure channels provided by the enterprises themselves.

How to create a secure smartphone

Externally secure smartphones do not differ from the classical analogues, and their software content is hardly about something will tell a random person. For security reasons, companies producing such devices, install a switching mechanism between multiple profiles. Their change is made by pressing a secret key combination that the user was sure that outsiders will not be able to access that profile, which stores data that should be protected.

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These smartphones are about 1.5 thousand dollars, and the service rate – about 30 per month. However, the use of protected smartphones is still not infinite. After six months, the user is asked to pay an additional 800 dollars for the extension of access to services. At the same time for maintenance you have to pay separately. Most likely, these rules stem from the risk that undertake such businesses engaged in the maintenance of the protected apparatus because they are most often bought by criminals.

How to stop spying Google

Say the company MPC is one of those that deals with the customization of smartphone — connected with the Scottish criminal gang “Brothers.” They use a method of protection has been so effective that law enforcement agencies are still looking for members and are unable to find evidence of their guilt, because they can not get any detail from the operators, nor Google itself, which is usually willing to share with intelligence agencies information on the movements of its users.

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It is quite revealing that the iPhone for such customization not be because of the many restrictions that Apple sets. But Android smartphones, especially ones as old as the Nexus 5, this is the best because their security system allows you to perform all the necessary manipulations. It turns out that Android may indeed manifest itself as the most secure platform, especially if we are talking about protection from surveillance, which today is not difficult to install for anyone with the ability to control not only the route, but all actions taken with your smartphone.

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