As the dead alien civilization can save humanity?

Those who are not able to learn from the mistakes of extinct alien civilizations, at the risk of repeating their fate. Mankind stepped into a very dangerous path. We learned how to develop a weapon capable of many times to destroy us all. Disregard the environment, turning a blind eye to climate change, which themselves decades and created, not really thinking about the future consequences. The same folly in such important matters could end advanced alien races, maybe once inhabited our galaxy, says AVI Loeb, Dean of the faculty of astronomy at Harvard University and Director of the Institute for theory and computation Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics.

This, says Loeb, in turn, could explain why we still have not made contact with any of likely alien civilizations, despite the tribute to the diversity of life in the milky Way (at least so says the thesis of the famous Fermi Paradox).

“One explanation for this may be that these civilizations as well as we did not think about future consequences. Using short-sighted approach to development, they could open the wounds that ultimately their undoing,” said Loeb in his speech at the summit of The Humans to Mars, annual event to discuss issues of deep space exploration, recently held in the capital of the USA.

Therefore, according to Loeb, we need to expand our circle search of aliens, not just limited to planets that from an environmental point of view may look inhabited. We must also look to planets with artifacts man-made disasters. Artificially scorched surface of planets or the signs of nuclear war, which could survive in the atmosphere of dead worlds, as an option, would be excellent evidence in this matter. Most likely, such discoveries will not only be the greatest in scientific history, but also may reveal how the mind, eyes how should not be determining their future.

“The point is that during this process we will, I hope, will be able to learn something very important. We finally understand for ourselves that it is better not to make a factional conflicts, not to initiate a nuclear war, but instead to take better care of their planet, making sure that we can keep it habitable for as long as possible,” says Loeb.

According to the scientist of Harvard University, there are other reasons to try to find a reasonable and well-developed in terms of technology, extraterrestrial life. For example, says Loeb, establishing contact with an alien civilization can lead us to significant technological breakthroughs, of course, if the aliens want to share their technology with us.

“Our technology just a century, but if another civilization were billions of years in the development of technologies used in space travel, they could teach them and us,” says Loeb.

According to the scientist, such prospects are to continue work on the development of technology of interstellar travel. Loeb, recall, is headed by an Advisory Board very ambitious project Breakthrough Starshot with a budget of $ 100 million, whose goal is the development of tiny space probes on the laser technology that is supposed to be sent to another star system at a rate of 20% of the speed of light.

Scientists project Breakthrough Starshot expect to completely ready to develop interstellar travel technology in the next 30 years. If the project proves successful, intelligent aliens, says Loeb, “I can see humanity in a new light”. We can find among them a certain level of respect, which puts us if not on a par with them, at least on the bar above our current position.

“I hope that the discovery of the lost civilization inspire us for more deliberate actions, and will also unite us as a species. I hope that once we will have an opportunity to get outside the Solar system, we get the message: “Welcome to the club of interstellar travelers.” And then we learn that actually our galaxy is far more populated than we used to think,” says Loeb.

According to him, we could be there to see it. Loeb is the co-author of a recently published article which suggests that “Omwamwi” — first discovered in the Solar system interstellar object actually can be a probe of some alien civilization. Disputes about the nature of this object is still not subsiding, but at the moment most scientists are inclined to believe that “Omwamwi” is an unusual comet without tail. But, again, according to Loeb, it is important not to dismiss the theory of artificial origin of this mysterious small celestial body just because you don’t like it.

“We have to remain unbiased in such studies and not to try to distinguish by a simple desire to show that we know all the answers. To pretend it doesn’t make sense,” summed up Loeb.

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