As the dark mode Android Q will work on your mobile

Future large-scale upgrade of the operating system from Google Android Q officially bring to our device hotly anticipated by many users of the dark theme (Android Dark Mode). In the recent conference Google IO 2019 were offered personally to know how at the moment looks like this innovation, and those lucky winners were very happy. The truth is there are small nuances in the work.

It is necessary to notice that to Android Q will be updated all existing devices. Some will receive support later on, while others will not receive it at all. But don’t worry, because something similar to the Android Dark Mode can be used on Android Pie. And we’ll show you how to do it. But first about the upcoming update.

Dark theme on Android Q

Dark theme is much less effect on the eyes especially at night. It is very convenient and certainly useful. While the function is running on the system “on / off”. The intensity of the black color cannot be changed using a special slider (though perhaps this is just the cost of the current Assembly). In addition, the switch can be put in quick access menu in order not to delve into the wilds of the device to activate it.

Thus in current at the moment Android Q beta 3 dark theme is still not applied to all applications. According to eyewitnesses, only the settings menu and the notification switches to dark mode. As well as some proprietary applications Google. Third-party programs will have to have its own dark theme. Otherwise, the appearance of their applications will remain unchanged regardless of the settings of the device.

Dark mode for the Android Pie and the individual applications

Menu settings and individual apps can get the dark theme now. However, this will have little trouble.

Go to settings of your smartphone and look for the item “Screen”. At the bottom of this item you will have to find the sub-item “Theme”. By default the slider is set to the position “automatic (based on Wallpaper)”. Turn it off, you will be able to change the color settings menu, and notifications from white to black.

But individual applications will be more difficult. Official and preinstalled applications like calendar will allow you to use dark color. The same applies to, for example, YouTube. And, if there is an Android Q 10 apps will be “automatic” to offer you to change the subject, then the Android Pie, you will need to change everything manually.

However, whether third-party developers to equip their programs with 9 versions of Green Robot similar functions. Already, some manufacturers refuse to do, relying on future versions of the OS.

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