As simple damage MacBook Pro can lead to costly repairs

The high price has always been an inherent part of the Mac. But if earlier the cost was offset by the quality and reliability, it now seems, is all in the past. Unfortunately, the new MacBook Pro came out extremely bad – problems with keyboards, speakers, batteries, and now – even with the screens.

As you know, new MacBook Pro much thinner and lighter than its predecessors. To make this possible, Apple has significantly complicated the internals of the computer, making the laptop virtually non-repairable. Such an approach would be understandable if the laptop has not been subject to frequent breakdowns.

As we already told, the design of the new MacBook Pro models, the company’s engineers shortened the ribbon cable going to the display. It is difficult to call what happened to them but this resulted in very unpleasant consequences — over time, the cable wore out, and this, in turn, led to failures in the built-in display.

Due to the fact that the plume goes down after about two years of using a MacBook Pro, about the damage became known only recently.

Experts of the workshop iFixit decided to find out how many users it would cost to replace the problematic cable. Disassemble the laptop, they were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the plume is a fixed element of the matrix. This means that users will have to make full replacement of the display to eliminate breakage. The cost of this procedure in the official service centers could reach $ 600 or more, while a simple replacement of a failed component would cost only $ 6.

Some owners of faulty MacBook Pro I believe that Apple intentionally created a product with a short life, forcing users to upgrade to a newer model. To say that is so, we certainly do not undertake, but it is possible that there is some truth to that.

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