As Samsung will start in may to prepare for the release of the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus?


The debut of the new iPhone from Apple is one of the most important events of the year for Samsung. And not only for the reason that Samsung is the market leader in smartphones, and Apple holds the second place, being thus the most important competitor of the leading provider of Android smartphones. There is another important reason why the South Korean tech giant, likely, in may will begin to prepare for the September debut of two iPhone models.

Samsung back in the spring to start production of OLED displays for iPhone Xs and Xs Plus

Samsung may soon begin production of OLED displays for iPhone line, which will debut this year. As expected, the production of these important components to the popular smartphone from Apple, the main competitor of the South Korean technology giant in the market of these popular digital devices, may be launched in may 2018. According to rumors, in September this year, Apple will be three new iPhone models. It is expected that two of these smart phones, as in last year’s iPhone X to find a use OLED displays. In more detail, a new message was well-received record layer Joshua (Joshua Swingle) on the resource page with reference to additional details in a note published on the resource page

According to a new report, the production of OLED displays for the new iPhone will be launched by Samsung earlier than expected. The reason is simple — in 2018 will see the light of not one model of iPhone with OLED screen and two. As expected, they may be called: iPhone Xs and Xs Plus. Accordingly, the iPhone Xs will complement a relatively “small” 5.8-inch display, and iPhone Xs Plus will delight fans display a giant 6.5-inch screen, its size is approaching the tablet display. New smartphone models from Apple, expected today, will be on sale in September 2018, that is more than a month earlier than the iPhone X, the delivery of which began in November last year.

Previously it was thought that the production of OLED-screens for iPhone of 2018 will begin in June. According to a new report, in June, will have doubled the volume production of new display panels compared to the volume that will be produced by Samsung in the final spring of the current year month.

Why in 2018 the new iPhone Xs and Xs Plus OLED displays can appear on sale already in September?

As noted, the new smartphones will be traditionally announced in early September, and will debut on the market later, but also during the first month of autumn 2018. In this context, one should recall that all three models of the new smartphone (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X), shown by Apple in the past year, was presented in September. Taking pre-orders for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launched on September 15, 2017. Meanwhile, pre-orders for iPhone X was started only on October 27.

It was noted that such a late debut on the market iPhone X may have been associated with the production difficulties regarding the camera system TrueDepth, which is based on the Face ID technology, which has become one of the most notable features of the iPhone X. as in 2018 the product has already been established, and devices that Apple will enjoy in the fall is likely to be on sale quite soon after its announcement. However, the new smartphones that will be available for pre-order, it may not be so much. Because traditionally each release of new iPhone was originally available capacity of the new devices is limited.

Expected another supplier of displays for the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus

As previously reported in Network LG could also be a manufacturer of displays for iPhone line, 2018, but it seems likely that the company can not cope with the production of a huge volume of displays that Apple needed. Probably for this reason Samsung will once again become the sole supplier of OLED displays for iPhone, which will be shown to the public in the fall of 2018.

In any case, the production of new components will not be started immediately. Samsung you must first complete the remaining orders for the iPhone X.

iPhone LCD screen Apple probably will release

It is also assumed that two iPhone models are equipped with OLED displays will debut a model also with LCD-screen, which price will be lower. This device is expected to be equipped with a 6.1-inch display panel. Thus, the display size of the smartphone will be considered a cross between the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus. It is further noted that the iPhone, equipped with LCD display, its design can be very similar to last year’s iPhone X. This means that on the front panel of the device will not be familiar to users of smart phones from Apple physical Home button. Smartphone will be used on-screen gestures, Touch ID can be replaced with Face ID.

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