As mine Zcoin? Settings production on Windows and HiveOS, hardware requirements and the effectiveness of different graphics cards

On Monday 10 December hardwork Zcoin. The main difference between the updated network was the algorithm of mining. The developers refused Lyra2z and turned on the Merkle Tree Proof, is also known as MTP. The main purpose of the update — additional protection of the network from ASIC miners, swindlers and possible centralization. The upgrade was successful. It’s time to deal with the details of mining cryptocurrencies on a new algorithm.

What Zcoin

Zcoin (XZC) — anonymous cryptocurrency. She became the first full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, ensuring privacy of users. The essence of his work is to generate sequence numbers “R” and secret — “s”, which are then used in cryptographic functions to generate the value “V”.

Last recorded in the blockchain that guarantees the validity of the data. See the “V” can be anyone, but to find the owner of cryptocurrency is impossible. In addition, coins XZC destroyed before use — check the user’s balance will not work at all desire. Read more about the features of the Zcoin, as well as the purchase of and purses is here.

Indicators Zcoin

Zcoin is on the 106th place in the global ranking of cryptocurrencies. The course of the coin is 4.87 dollar market capitalization exceeds $ 27 million. For the last day in circulation participated XZC equivalent to 370 thousand dollars.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The peak price was recorded at 139 dollars. It happened on December 26.

Source: Coingecko

The course is hardly satisfactory. Over the past month, the cost XZC fell 54 percent, while the decline from record levels is 89 percent.

Features of mining coins on MTP. Requirements for mining Zcoin

The transition from Lyra2z on the Merkle Tree Proof noted. The algorithm is very complex, so want to raise mountains of gold quickly disappointed in what is happening. And for good reason.

The case requirements. In the case of coin Zcoin on the MTP algorithm we are talking about approximately 5 GB of RAM, and on each card. The graphics card also needs to be advanced a minimum of 6 GB of memory. Suitable Nvidia card 1060 (6GB), 1070, 1070Ti, 1080, 1080Ti, 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti.

Meinig Zcoin on AMD cards is not yet available, promise to soon release a dedicated miner called sgminer.

It turns out that most of the existing farms can dig only one card, besides you need a good processor, because the load is huge. For a map to the eyeballs takes about 1 core, that is better to choose a i5/i7.

Processor speed and type of RAM (DDR3/DDR4/DDR5) affect the speed of mining directly. There is another interim conclusion: anyone with a gaming computer can participate in mining.

To increase the profit the miners need to fork out for RAM and a good processor, but it is expensive. In other words, developers are well-defended network. And for those who have the opportunity to dig with such technical requirements, mining became very profitable.

If you only have 8 GB RAM, 1 map guide to mining Zcoin and the others for Monero or Ethereum.

Configure Zcoin mining for Windows

Download ccminer on the link, the password for the archive 2miners. Unpack and find ccminer.

Source: Notepad

Enter your wallet Zcoin in a. bat file (/MTP/NVIDIA/xzc-pool.bat) and to move on.

ccminer.exe -a mtp -o stratum+tcp:// -u ADRESBOEK.IMAGERY -p x

Source: ccminer

If you have a computer/farm a few GPU, the parameter -d 0 only runs one video card.

Setting hashing Zcoin for HiveOS

Everything is simple, go in Flight Sheets (Flight sheets) choose a coin Zcoin and pool 2Miners.

Source: HiveOS

And apply the new settings for the farm.

Source: HiveOS

Extra arguments for miner: if you have 1 card, then write 0. 2 if you specify 0, 1. If you want to run, for example, the map N2 and N5, then enter 1, 6.

Source: HiveOS

Configure Zcoin mining on the CPU

Download miner cpuminer, custom bat file and run it.

Source: cpuminer

cpuminer.exe -a mtp -o stratum+tcp:// -u ADRESBOEK.IMAGERY -p x

For mining on the CPU you need 10 GB of RAM.

The profitability of mining

Calculators profitability of mining while not compatible with the updated MTP. This means that to predict the extraction efficiency using the same WhatToMine will not work.

It is possible to estimate the profitability of using mathematics. Take the average of Hasrat 1080 for Nvidia Ti at 550 kh/s. Hasrat network is 3.6 Gh/s and each day brings 144 of the block 14 XZC. The rate of 4.87 dollars, that is equal to the total amount of 9817 dollars.

Multiply 9817 $ share 550 kh/s in total hestate a 3.6 Gh/s. Get 1.49 dollar per day of work card. In the near future on the block 118600 time of production will be reduced from 10 to 5 minutes and therefore the yield on each card will increase in 2 times. A good prospect.

Where mine Zcoin. Pool for XZC

If you don’t want to bother with settings, to dig coins Zcoin recommend on 2Miners. For mining download the latest version of ccminer for Nvidia or cpuminer for CPUs on the link. The password for the archive — 2miners.

Source: 2Miners

Then, changing the wallet address in the file /MTP/NVIDIA/xzc-pool.bat using Notepad. It looks like a correctly filled in. bat file.

ccminer.exe -a mtp -o stratum+tcp:// -u ADRESBOEK.IMAGERY -p x

Run bat file. The process has begun.

Source: 2Miners

How is PPLNS miningand SOLO.

Source: 2Miners

The efficiency of the GPU when mining Zcoin

The participants chat about iron shared characteristics of cards and hasraton that they issue. The results of such.

Nvidia 1060 (small acceleration) + 8 GB RAM + i5-6600 — 380 kh/s;
Nvidia 1060 + 16 GB RAM + i5-2500K (4.3 GHz) — 330-370 kh/s;
Nvidia 1080 — 470 kh/s;
Nvidia 1080Ti — 500-550 kh/s;
Nvidia 1080Ti (without tablet) — 649 kh/s.

And another statistic.

Source: 2Miners


Hardwork Zcoin network coins comparable to the scale of the hard forks of Bitcoin is Cash for the entire cryptocurrency market. The developers have balanced the miners and made the potential hacking of the project is very expensive, because for increasing memory and update processors need a lot of money.

In the article “mining in 2019 will be profitable or die?” we wrote about the mass disabling of farms due to the fall of the market. The emergence of algorithm MTP at current rates of cryptocurrencies allows you to earn by mining for almost everyone, regardless of the location of the miner and electricity prices.

For example, right now the profitability of production XZC approximately 3 times higher efficiency of mining of Ethereum. The difference is significant, especially for a bear market. For the sake of numbers and can think on increasing the amount of RAM.

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