As mine Ravencoin? The settings of the miner, the profitability of production RVN, pool and especially coins

At the end of March we chose a cryptocurrency, suitable for production on weak graphics cards. Coins searched in two ways: for a specific graphics card and the complexity of mining. The second list includes Ravencoin is a relatively new project, which shows good profitability. What are the main benefits of RVN? Like mine the coin and how much income to expect? Answer.

The contents

Ravencoin digital decentralized network with native cryptocurrency RVN. The developers are set on creating real cases applications of the blockchain.

The project was launched on 3 January 2018 as a fork of Bitcoin. The date coincided with the ninth anniversary of the first cryptocurrency so that by the event is obviously prepared. Unlike some competitors, employees did not use the ICO to Finance the start of work. Also, there’s mastered, and the software is considered open.

Why “raven”, meaning “Raven”? The creators love “Game of thrones” and draw an analogy with the world series.

In the fictional world of Westeros the ravens used as messengers of truth. Ravencoin blockchain for certain application cases, which confirms the fact of owning a particular asset.

It turns out that whether the network Ravencoin available during the time of the Seven Kingdoms, the heroes would have fared much better. For example, Baelish would not be able to sow enmity between houses stark and Lannister with letters to Kaitlin in the first series. It is possible that the blockchain could have saved ned’s life.

Features Ravencoin

Ravencoin is a fork of the Bitcoin code, but there are differences. All four of them:

  1. the reward per block is 5000 RVN;
  2. the time unit is one minute;
  3. the range of coins is limited to 21 billion;
  4. the algorithm of mining — X16R.

There are several unique characteristics of the project:

  1. closed ASIC miners to eliminate the threat of a possible centralization;
  2. the coin was launched honestly with no premining and ICO;
  3. the developers do not keep Fund of coins and do not take interest on the issue;
  4. commitment to community and open source.

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Indicators Ravencoin

Now the course RVN is at 5 cents. The coin is much better than most of its competitors. According to CoinGecko, Ravencoin the peak price recorded on March 27, 2018 — then it gave a 7.3 per cent.

Source: CoinGecko

As shown CoinMarketCap, the seventh of April this year for RVN proposed 7.2 per cent. Compared to at least 80% subsidence of courses other altcoins Ravencoin well kept.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The turnover is slightly more than the 3.33 billion coins. Based on the rate received 191 million dollars in market capitalization and the 37th place in the overall ranking.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Where to buy Ravencoin

Trading volume RVN for the last day amounted to 13.58 million dollars. One third of this amount fell on Binance a little more of 4.72 million dollars.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Also in the list of exchanges got Upbit, Bittrex, DigiFinex and Coinall. Others provide very little turnover.

On the official website of the project see such sites.


Wallet for Ravencoin

Purses under RVN enough. On this page you can download software for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Mobile platforms also have iOS and Android. The last in the list are paper wallets from Penfold and MSFTserver.

Mining Ravencoin

Mining RVN is working on an algorithm X16R. It is not unique: it is also Mein Gravium, Hilux and the other is not particularly known coins. This algorithm has an important advantage — the lack of access to ASIC miners.

In General, when a fixed order of hash algorithms to create a real ASIC. The developers X16R went the other way: they alternate algorithms X15 and SHA512, and the order depends on the hash of the previous block. So the miners are not threatened.

What mine Ravencoin

Dig RVN is possible on Nvidia and AMD. To download the miners go to the link and downloaded the files. Password — 2miners.

For “green” cards fit T-Rex, and for “red” — SGMiner. Requirements affordable. Dig RVN maybe even Nvidia GTX 1030, that is suitable almost everything.

Where mine Ravencoin. Mining-pool RVN

Mine Ravencoin recommend on pool 2Miners, both in SOLOand in the usual PPLNS. For this editable .bat file from the archive and specify your data.

Source: 2Miners

Instead YOUR_ADDRESS enter your wallet.

For Example, RHUC17zAVjNqXDtkqwLPRvQ2XgoRZsXeeg.

Also change RIG_ID is the name that will appear in the statistics of the miner. Field is optional, so you can leave it blank. Otherwise, use not more 32 characters. Fit the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

For example, rig-1.

After running the file and start mining will see the following.

Source: T-Rex

In the screenshot interface of T-Rex.

Source: T-Rex

Settings mining Ravencoin for MiningRigRentals and NiceHash

Pool RVN working with the services of renting mining capacities. Here are the settings for NiceHash.

Algorithm: X16R.
Pool Host:
Workername: YOUR_ADDRESS.
Password: x (letters [x]).

Now MiningRigRentals.

Algorithm: X16R.
Pool Host:
Workername (-u): YOUR_ADDRESS.
Password (-p): x (letters [x]).

The profitability of mining Ravencoin

According to tradition, count up possible profits of mining with using the service WhatToMine. For example, take the eight cards Nvidia 1080Ti. The algorithm X16R they have to give about 232 Mh/s and consume 1520 watts.

Source: WhatToMine

When the cost of electricity of 3 rubles per kilowatt-hour received a little more than 6 dollars in profit per day. The result is good, because the mining of Ethereum on the same hardware will yield one and a half times less — only 4 bucks.

Source: WhatToMine


Ravencoin is a young project, which has won the hearts of the representatives of the community. First and foremost, coin like miners because of good profitability. Also attracts a good price, because the peak rate she left quite a bit. And while the hope of the developers. I want to believe that the holiday would continue, and the useful cases of application of the RVN will become greater.

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