As manufacturers decide which Android smartphone to upgrade to, and which are not?

Global HMD promptly updates the Nokia to the latest version of Android. A feature of the company’s products is the abandonment of their own shells in favor of a minimal add-on to clean system from Google. This variant allows for faster and better adapt to the new update. Currently, 8 of the smartphones work on Android fresh 9 Pie. But do you know how exactly is the upgrade process? Let us consider the example of Nokia.

Step 1

Google releases the source code and development tools for manufacturers of chipsets. The company’s partners have it all before the rest.

Step 2

Chipset manufacturers are developing drivers and send layer hardware abstraction layer HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) to smartphone manufacturers.

Why some smartphones get the update earlier than others?

It all depends on the priorities of the chipset manufacturers. Usually, the flagship chipset get support for new versions of Android faster than anyone.

Step 3

At this stage, the manufacturer in this case Nokia integrate special functionality of Android One is its own chips in the system. The lack of a shell allows Nokia to adapt the update faster than the others.


Step 4a

First, the company is testing the connection. You need to verify that network issues were not. The company checks the work calls, web browsing, care, VoLTE, SMS, and other network capabilities of smartphones.

Step 4b

In parallel with the ping company employees manually test different functions of the system and verify the functionality using a special programmable tests.

Step 4c

When all tests are passed, the manufacturer is launching a beta test in which can take part fans of the company who are participants in the beta program. About 120 thousand users have helped the Global HMD to test the updates.

Step 5a

At this stage the company is testing functions in compliance with the standards. For Example, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

Step 5b

Once again, tested all possibilities, in order to ensure no problems.

Step 5c

Operators receive the device and in the field conduct their testing by their own rules. If the operator found problem, fix it with a hotfix in the next update.

Final spurt

After the tests the operators update start spreading in the OTA. Happy user comes to your phone, and installs a long-awaited update.

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