As I learned about their talents with the help of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and big data

People continue to explore the possibilities of modern technology, and some of them help people to better know myself. So, for example, there is a new section of the service Gooroo. Using big data, machine learning and neurology, he has helped people to discover their talents and find the most suitable place at work.

Those in search of a new place of work, will have to try on my resume. It usually describe their best qualities. By the way, not all might be well aware of their best qualities.

At the stage of interview in many company have to fill tests that enable HR professionals to better know the candidates. Usually passing these tests takes several hours, but candidates do not always receive information about the test results.

Gooroo is similar to the popular LinkedIn service, is blocked in Russia. He is not focused on the job search in Russia, but you can register and get into the new section MindSpace.

In this section, you will spend no more than 7 minutes for passing two tests, and after that, through neuroscience, big data and artificial intelligence, you and your employer will be able not only to learn about your talents as a worker, but also about ways to motivate you on the most productive actions.

As I learned about their talents

I passed these two tests. I must say that the amount of data on my person, which the service is provided instantly after passing, is impressive. Especially when you consider the very small number of questions and time spent on the passage.

The first test was to evaluate my style of work. As in all such tests, no wrong answer. In just 3 minutes you can make assessments to each question and go to the second test.

The second test intends to assess my way of thinking, is much more unusual. In the beginning asked to choose the most attractive colors. After that I received quite a few personal questions. Much of what I pointed out during the test, I would not discuss with their friends. Most of the questions were connected with the way of thinking and attitude to life.


After the passage of two short tests, you can immediately see the results. The service will redirect you to a page with a large amount of information. It is divided into sections and each section explained. I describe there, not personally, but as a personality type, which is characterized by certain qualities.

On this page told what I’m focused in life and in work, described my way of thinking and interaction with others, attitude towards technology, motivators, as well as six key parameters that typically evaluate candidates and existing employees.

I don’t think someone would be interested to know all about me as an employee, but an example needs to provide. Limit ourselves to six key parameters. Here is what he thinks about me Gooroo:

  • Productivity – Ernest is keen to apply and adapt their skills and understanding to better meet the needs of the team.
  • Solutions – they develop specific solutions considering the fact that you can reliably predict in the future.
  • Government – they also have a clear idea of the key requirements will be to check them with the team and will have few opportunities for extraordinary activities.
  • Changes – in the context of achieving immediate results, Ernest will call into question existing ways of working that slow or impede progress, and will use a new methodology which focuses on results.
  • Credibility – they communicate facts and information with goals and objectives to influence decision-making.
  • Difficulties – Ernest may have a limited awareness of alternative approaches and has doubts when making key decisions.

When I say “they”, I mean other people that fit my type and would give the same answers during the test.

To what extent the results are true, everyone must decide for himself. If it is written will not be much to contradict your idea of yourself, I think the test results it is possible to provide to your employer or attach to your resume.

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