As Google struggled with viruses on Android in 2018

App store Google Play for as nothing compared to the App Store and for all obviously. Apple carefully selects all applications, filtering malware solutions. Google in this area is still in 2017 was not so good, but things have changed radically. During the year the company has significantly improved the technology of scanning and recognition of inappropriate content, it also greatly increased the team involved in the search for malware in the store.

In 2018, the company has become quicker to recognize developers who have malicious intent with the purpose of blocking. The number of rejected applications for the publication of applications in Google Play has increased by 55% in comparison to 2017, and the number of blocked applications increased by 66%. All this is a consequence of the new policy of the company to reduce the number of dangerous apps in Google Play.

Google Play Protect have learned to scan 50 billion apps on smartphones users daily. Apps downloaded from Google Play, 8 times more secure in comparison with solutions that are not downloaded from Google Play.

Protection of user data

The company seriously addresses the issue of app permissions. Developers should not require access to the functions of smartphones, which are not directly used by the application. Also now developers must disclose information about the data collected on the smartphones of the users. In 2018, non-compliance with these rules from Google Play were uninstalled thousands of apps.

In October the company introduced a new policy under which applications can’t have access to dialer and SMS, if they are not used as the default application for making calls and sending messages.

The honesty of the developer

As a rule, after locking the accounts of developers build new or buy existing on the black market. The company has improved algorithms that together with a live analysis of people can block such network accounts in the first place.

Malware removal

In 2018, the company for the removal of malicious applications used a machine learning model, static and dynamic analysis, analysis of user feedback and validation from real people.

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