As Google has put millions of people at risk one message

Google has endangered millions of users of Android worldwide, publicize information about the existence of the vulnerability in the installation client Fortnite, said representatives of Epic Games. Despite the fact that the developers have eliminated the gap in the shortest possible time, not all users managed to install the patch with the fix to protect yourself.

“We asked Google not to disclose the information [about the vulnerability] publicly before until the update with the hotfix does not install the most users — wrote Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games. They refused, exposing Android users to unnecessary risk, but it was a cheap PR”.

Vulnerability in Fortnite

Despite the fact that the patch with the hotfix is automatically installed on each device Fortnite, explains the CEO, the installation process is activated only at the time of the start of the game. Therefore, if the user launches Fortnite once a week, hackers will have exactly seven days to make an attack, initiating the download of malicious components.

Why Fortnite is not in Google Play

The desire to annoy Google, Epic Games is quite obvious. Due to the failure of the Studio to place in Google Play game Fortnite, the search giant sustained a loss of millions of dollars in Commission that is charged with each transaction in the directory. On the other hand, technically fault the actions Google does not, as the company Epic Games warned about Baga, giving a time for correction.

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