As for the Camera app on iOS to change the resolution and frame rate

Despite the fact that the names of the new iPhone were known before the presentation, many didn’t believe that Apple will choose to use the prefix Pro. In the end, usually all devices of the company had a pretty simple name, but apparently after the release of the iPhone XS Max, Apple hit the winds and are unable to stop. To explain their decision to right the Apple did not, but gave to understand that professionalism novelties adds a triple camera with advanced features. Then many thought that they were just joking, because how can professional cameras not to be able to change the resolution?

Set up the camera on the iPhone before it was only possible through the stump-deck, but now – no

13.2 in iOS Apple decided to go the users concessions and added in the Camera app separate buttons to change the resolutionin which you are shooting slower and with the ability to choose either 30 or 60 fps. Yeah, the ability to customize the format of the video was before, but for the necessary manipulation required to go to the Settings app where most users are extremely rare. Therefore, for many in principle, it was surprising that the iOS allows you to make changes to the staffing configuration at least somehow.

How to change camera resolution on iPhone

  • To change the resolution or frame rate in the Camera app, iOS install 13.2 beta 2. Only in the beta version there are dedicated keys;
  • Launch Camera and switch to video mode gesture mode pressing on the shutter;
  • In the upper right corner click on the button “4K” and “60” — they are responsible for the change resolution and framerate accordingly.

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One of the desires of users of iOS, which Apple well in any did not agree to execute for many years, is an extension to the regular settings of the Camera application. Despite the fact that during the years of development of the model range iPhone, it still has acquired new features, the ability to change ISO, shutter speed and other indicators, on both Android and did not deliver. This limitation runs from the time when Apple was led by Steve jobs. He believed that users need a device that just works without having to configure anything manually.

How to turn portrait mode on the old iPhone

A few years ago the theory of the jobs seemed quite appropriate. Today, however, more and more users are forced to switch to third-party camera apps in search of something better. Affects the need for the expanded list of settings that the regular “Camera” to give them simply can’t. The pour oil on the fire, and the developers who provide their apps additional features available only on flagship smartphones Apple. As a result, some application Halide the ability to shoot in portrait mode you can get even the owners of single-chamber models.

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Of course, the company does not want third-party software could replace the stock, and therefore are regularly trying to expand the capabilities of corporate applications, copying functions from independent developers. But if QR codes haven’t had a chance to fight against Apple from the beginning, from utilities like Halide — is. In any case, it is difficult to imagine that in Cupertino have decided to move the night mode or “Portrait” on the old iPhone model, depriving himself of the flagship vehicles of their main advantages.

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