As bred our brother: to identify the most dangerous threats for Android

“Police” ransomware for Android have become the most common tool among hackers in 2017, figured out experts of antivirus company ESET. Typically, it gets on the device through compromised web resources, and then blocking it under the guise of the alert from intelligence agencies required to pay “fines” for alleged illegal acts.

Often malware of this type is disseminated through sites with adult movies and other content, bordering on the forbidden on the legislative level. Often the owners of such resources are not even aware of what an important role they play in spreading malicious applications, and therefore do not take the slightest action to get rid of them.

Another type of Android malware, which received wide circulation in 2017, become the application that uses the accessibility features of the system. With their help, attackers able to get access on the smartphone of the victim, as well as its contents, including SMS messages and billing information. One of the most popular members of this family became DoubleLocker, which told informed.

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