As Apple increases the demand for iPhone and iPhone XS XR

Against the background of falling shares of Apple and reports of low sales figures of new iPhone, the American Corporation began an aggressive marketing campaign to stimulate demand for its newest products. Apparently, Apple doesn’t really suit the current situation, since the company decided to take such drastic measures. But about all under the order.

It all started with the fact that Apple launched a Trade-in program on special terms for the American market. Surrendering your old iPhone, users can get a good discount when you buy iPhone iPhone XS and XR. And given the fact that the company never offered promotional prices on their newest models.

After some time, Apple has changed the iPhone XR slogan for the more adventurous and informative.

Was: Perfect in all respects.

New: Completely new frameless design. Record time of Autonomous work. Best performance. Pictures of Studio quality.

In this Apple of course has not stopped. All Apple stores (in the Genius Bar) began to turn the iPhone commercial iPhone XR and XS.

It is appeared even in the company store applications for iOS. The editors of the App Store devoted to iPhone XR individual article, which told about all the advantages. By the way, the publication displays just the owners of older Apple smartphones.

And finally, the icing on the cake — Apple has started to send Push notifications to the owners of the old iPhone to upgrade to the new iPhone iPhone XS and XR. Never before has a company for such has not been noticed. What is particularly interesting is the notification come even to those who have not even installed the Apple Store app.

Your new iPhone is waiting for you. Select iPhone XR or XS and iPhone use “iPhone Upgrade”.

No doubt, Apple would not have gone to such measures if sales of new flagship devices meet the expectations of investors and company management. Such aggressive marketing will certainly play a role, but why not just reduce the price of new items? This question is still open.

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