As Apple have fixed the overheating problem in the new MacBook Pro

Many of us remember the story with the overheating MacBook Pro 15 Intel Core i9. The effectiveness of these processors left much to be desired – the laptops were not able to support maximum performance for a long time due to excessive overheating. The company later released an update that eliminated this disadvantage – it reduced the voltage of the chip. Take into account whether Apple errors in the new generation MacBook Pro?

Looking ahead, we say Yes. Despite the fact that the updated laptops got more powerful Intel Core i9, and the number of cores increased from 6 to 8, the engineers managed to solve the overheating problem. But how this was achieved, because the interior design (including cooling system) remains the same?

There was a problem with overheating MacBook Pro

As found by the author of the YouTubechannel LinusTechTips, this Apple has resorted to two measures:

  • Processor-the MacBook Pro now uses higher-quality thermal grease, which more effectively dissipates heat.
  • Apple corrected the algorithm governing parameter VRM — voltage regulator. When there is very heavy load, the CPU can also operate at a lower voltage.

What did the test

These two small changes had such a powerful chip to work stably at frequencies even above the core (2.6 GHz) — even for long periods. In some cases, the reset frequency is possible (under continuous 100% load), but you should make allowances for the compact case which is quite difficult to implement an effective cooling system. Especially in those cases when we are talking about the fastest mobile CPU on the market.

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