As Apple has made a smooth animations in iOS 12

Users who installed iOS 12 on their device might have noticed the increased performance of the new operating system. Apple engineers not only increased the speed of running applications, but were able to achieve a smooth interface. How did they manage, was told at one of the lectures in the framework of the WWDC 2018.

First and foremost, the developers have carefully studied the pre-installed apps, where they could experience drop frames when flipping through the lists. Based on this, several changes were introduced. Was improved Cell Prefetch algorithm, which is introduced in iOS 10 and was designed to save the interface from dropping frames by pre-loading content in the background. Despite the fact that this API has coped with its task well, falling frames could still be observed in the simultaneous execution of two tasks by the processor.

Apple could solve this problem simply: now the rendering engine interface has the highest priority. To achieve the jump in performance wouldn’t be possible without competent management processor. The increase to the maximum clock frequency is now happening instantly and not gradually, as it was before. At the same time as fast and reset frequency, which has a positive impact on energy consumption.

Working with RAM was much improved, thanks to new technologies of content analysis, with which the user interacts. The developers have also added the ABS algorithm potentially reduces the memory consumption by the application.

All these changes resulted in a significant increase in performance as noticeable on older devices. Recall that iOS 12 will be available in the fall of this year.

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