As Android smartphones can ensure the safety of iOS

This spring, Google decided to simplify two-factor authentication on Android. This company made all the smartphones based on Android Nougat in Bluetooth tokens that allow authentication without entering one-time password from SMS. This feature proved extremely useful, if not to take into account restrictions on the use of only in the Google ecosystem without the ability to quickly confirm the entry on devices running iOS. But now we can do that.

Now use Android phone and to confirm the Google account on iOS devices. You do not even need to install Google Chrome. However, to begin to confirm your identity when you authorize your account protected with two-factor authentication, you need to prepare everything in advance. It will take some time, but then will pass the authorization much faster.

How to confirm Google account

  • First, turn on Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad and Android smartphone, which you will confirm the authorization;
  • Download app Google Smart Lock;
  • Sign in with your Google account;
  • Now follow this link and under settings alternative ways to verify your identity, choose the smartphone as the authorization key;
  • Hold the smartphone close and hold the volume down key;
  • Wait for the screen of your smartphone from the login window and confirm the entry swipe from right to left.

The main advantage of using the Android smartphone as of the confirmation key is not even in the speed of authorization, and at a higher level of security. If the SMS message with one-time code can be intercepted, in fact, being in any point of the globe, then hacking the Bluetooth connection will need to be close to verifying devices. Thus the probability of unauthorized access is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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