As Android 9 Pie changes the most banal function of smartphones

Adaptive adjustment of display brightness in Android 9 Pie uses machine learning technology for more effective lighting configuration. The developers of Google’s OS is written on the pages of corporate blog. Innovation allows the system to remember your preferences in order to adjust the screen brightness, providing maximum comfort during use regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

To Android 9 Pie dimming of display on devices of the same brand explains, was plus or minus the same and depended on how the creators of the software set up is responsible for its operation algorithms. To such an extent it was totally unrealistic to consider the interests of each user separately, and therefore the automatic brightness worked on the same scenario for everyone, whether they like it or not. And the only way to customize it for themselves was a banal trip.


But Android 9 Pie system was developed DeepMind, which is able to observe how the user adjusts the brightness of the display after it was adjusted automatically. As you remember, the system will operate more and more efficiently and ultimately be able to use the gradation of brightness at which the user will be comfortable to interact with the screen under any lighting conditions.

Currently, the adaptive brightness is only available on smartphones line Pixel. However, the developers promise, Google is actively cooperating with third-party electronics manufacturers to expand the range of applications of “smart” technology backlit. Anyway, thanks to it, users will be less distracted by little things like adjust brightness, giving more time to more important things, and workflow.

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