As AirPods helped Apple become the “winner” of the world Cup

Apple released several commercials with a football theme and has launched a new campaign to promote the Mac in the midst of the world Cup, the company is not a sponsor of the event. However, a new report from Quartz reveals that the company was still “the winner”.

Sponsorship of the world Cup is expensive — FIFA expects to earn on advertising this year to $ 1.6 billion. Apple, however, used a more affordable tactic.

FIFA strictly against the “aggressive marketing” companies that are not official sponsors. That’s why, for example, the logo of Beats cover when players are seen in these headphones. But in the case of AirPods no there is no logo — headphones from Apple are recognizable in themselves, because they do not have similar analogues in the world. And if you look at how listening to music players of the championship, almost every second person uses for these purposes AirPods.

However, Beats have a design that is difficult to confuse with other headphones, but it is not so obvious. When a player is AirPods, they cannot be mistaken for anything else.

So AirPods was the clear favorite among players from all over the world, and Apple made an advertisement just due to the fact that released a unique and high-quality headphones.

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