As a company Dream and bloggers bred people who want iPhone discount

Internet advertising is different. Even if not to take into account the ubiquitous banners promoting questionable money-making scheme or increase anything, don’t forget about the bloggers. Being opinion leaders, they do not hesitate to hang on the ears of its subscribers any noodles, promoting anything from a casino “the Volcano” to companies like Dream “guaranteeing” the opportunity to purchase iPhone for 20-25% of its retail price. Do not disdain that many bloggers-one million and including Eugene Krivtsov (ya_krivtsova).

A few hours ago Krivtsov published a story Instagram, which shared on “amazing” opportunities to purchase an iPhone (or any other Apple equipment) are 75% off. It is with genuine enthusiasm told about the Dream, who decided to break the system and violate market principles.

Pyramid on iPhone

According to her, the Dream abandoned traditional Internet advertising in favour of word of mouth. This method of promotion is beneficial to all, Krivtsov says. Moreover, that Dream doesn’t pay for promotion of the Network, so more consumers are able to buy an iPhone for 25% of the price. The main thing — to bring four more people who also wish to get the Apple discount. Of course, each of them also needs to lead by four, and so on to infinity.

Here I must digress. In fact, of course, there is no discount. The four of them, which give you, just pay the difference between the entered amount and the actual retail price you purchase your iPhone. This is indirectly stated in the contract (we dwell), which provides Dream.

It indicates that deposited by the buyer 25% of the value of goods are actually required, while the remaining amount should be paid within 14 days from the date of signing of the contract (such period is given to attract four suckers). Otherwise, you must self-pay the difference, which will bring down any buyer with sense, because for XS iPhone with a storage capacity of 512 GB, you will be asked 180 thousand to 100 thousand in traditional retail.

Dream — iPhone discount

To emphasize the honesty of their intentions, Dream puts in the open access agreement of purchase and sale concluded with the buyer, as well as Annex with the description of the discount terms. It would seem that such openness – with an honest indication of the General Director of the company and all the contacts from the tax – must prove the integrity of the intentions of the Dream, but there it was.

We showed the contract to Mr Gudovich, General Director of the First online accounting and expert in the field of Finance and taxation. He has carefully studied the document and said that they read total nonsense, made up illiterate lawyer (and maybe not the lawyer) to divert the attention of the buyer.

How to read a contract

First of all, Gudovich drew attention to the absence in the contract of sale definitions the terms used. Yes, this is an optional aspect but it is a good sign the Treaty, many provisions of which in this case contradict each other. For example, paragraphs 2.1 and 2.4

Next – click on the date of execution of the contract. Why Dream that agrees to provide goods to the buyer within two weeks from the date of occurrence of the unit available for sale at official retailers.

Obviously, such a formulation is in itself is absurd — there was a need to look away from the description of the process of the transaction, which is not here. Because this transaction involves the seller of the product and the availability of opportunities to transfer it to the buyer, the absence of this paragraph makes the contract void.

In addition, the agreement contains no provisions on the payment of VAT. Of the provisions of the document is unclear on whom lies the duty, and also have you included the tax in the price or need to pay separately.

Oh, and to top it off, says Gudovich, the price specified in the agreement may not be deemed final if there is any discounts. Thus, the seller in the face of banal Dream introduces buyer in error.

I was deceived. What to do

But that isn’t the worst, and the fact that in the case of an initial Deposit payment equal to 25% of the cost with a subsequent failure to pay the residual amount and a waiver of future performance of the contract of purchase and sale, the buyer can not return the amount paid in advance. In this case it would not even appeal to the court.

Due to the fact that the Russian Federation recognized the freedom of contract, the plaintiff applied to the court demanding recognition of the OST is not valid, can not wait for a reasoned refusal. Another thing, if you claim to refer to the misrepresentation, indicating the specific clauses of the contract. In this case, the judge and the law will be on your side, accepting the claim and allowing the defendant in the face of a Dream a whole heap of problems.

The results

These guys do not just come to us for advertising, and not only to us. Every time they got a hard failure with the ban their “employees”. Judging by the number of calls, they just share money divorced lohan with those who brought him (or advertising revenue from bloggers and sites). Our website has a good weight in the search engines Google and Yandex, so this article will appear in the first lines of the issue and hopefully help not give money to scammers for the people who desire to buy the coveted iPhone will be deceived. And if you see bloggers advertising this “service” or similar — run away from him. Who knows what the next time he will advertise to empty your wallet and hard to fill your.

We are confident that regular readers of our website know and understand how to operate such schemes. This post is designed for naive, gullible people and beginners. Remember, nobody will ever give you premium equipment for a quarter of the price. Always think about where the ears stick out. Share this article with your friends in social networks and subscribe to our channel at Yandex.Zen. So you don’t miss anything important and will always be in the flow of news from Apple.

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