“Artistic Live Focus” may be one of the new features coming with the Galaxy Camera S10


Can you give us the trademark applications idea of the upcoming features. It has recently been monitoring Samsung’s request to get the brand “Artistic Live Focus”, a brand that can be launched by Samsung on one of the features coming with the Galaxy S10. As the name suggests, may be this is an improved version of the feature is Live Focus of the current already available in a different range of Samsung phones.

Offer Samsung applied for a trademark “Artistic Live Focus” has the Office of intellectual property and trade marks in the European Union. It is reported the description in the demand that this brand dedicated to ” smart phones…software computing digital image processing “.

Feature is Live Focus itself is an identical copy of the features were already available. In fact, this feature allows users to take photos with the effect of the background cloudy dull, and beautifully clean. It is not clear what are the new things you will get enhanced version of this feature. Thus, we do not know whether this new version will provide more manual options for advanced in the score or more of customization options, or other properties different.

Generally, it is supposed that the detected series phones Galaxy S10 Series early next year with the knowledge that the reports indicated that the new flagship phone will be released in the month of March next. In the case if previous reports are true, it is assumed that the see Samsung launches three models, at least from the phone Galaxy S10 early next year.


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