Artificial intelligence will help to overcome procrastination

If you often prefer quick profit instead of long term benefits, for example instead of mindlessly flipping through the news or watch a TV show instead of playing sports, then a tool recently developed by scientists at the Institute for intelligent systems max Planck in tübingen, Germanywill allow you to make more informed decisions and to deal with procrastination. The researchers called their invention a “cognitive prosthesis”. Recall that is called cognitive higher brain functions that allow us to think, to speak, to navigate in space, etc. the work of scientists published in the journal “Nature Human Behavior”.

Procrastination can make human life less productive

What decisions people make most often?

Not the first time scientists conduct research to understand how people make decisions. In situations when you need to make a choice
often, Homo Sapiens prefer immediate rewards, not rewards in the future, although it is obvious that the second solution is better. But is it possible to take the best decisions? People often struggling to do what will benefit in the long run, but it doesn’t always work.

To guide people to the optimal choice, the authors have developed a digital tool, called “cognitive prosthesis”. It helps to compare both decisions with the help of artificial intelligence. Researchers have developed a set of models and algorithms that take into account different elements, such as a list of tasks, subjective disgust of a man to each of them and the amount of available time. Then the system assigns reward points to each task in a special way configured so that the individual has met all the items on the list. The idea was to turn complex projects that people are implementing in the real world, in the likeness of the game. The points system puts before the close, attainable objectives which indicate that they are making progress. More information about the latest scientific discoveries, read up on our channel in Yandex.Zen.

To overcome procrastination will help artificial intelligence

The team tested the “cognitive prosthesis” in a series of experiments with people. The results of the study showed that the support system AI helps people to better decisions and less delay. The algorithm also increases the probability of completing all tasks. In one experiment, the researchers presented 120 participants with a list of several written assignments. In the future, scientists found that 85 percent of people who used the tool has fulfilled all its tasks; but for those who cognitive prosthesis was used, the figure was only 56 percent.

The algorithm is called cognitive prosthesis needs to be tested outside of laboratory walls

The authors of the study in his commentary edition of the Scientific American, say one of the limitations of the developed tool is its ability to only handle short lists, so the experts intend to build a cognitive prosthesis for the treatment of a large number of tasks. At the same time, researchers are working with the company Complice to integrate the tool into an existing application with a to-do list. Scientists also plan to conduct field experiments to see how well cognitive prostheses, working outside the lab. And you would have used a cognitive prosthesis? Let’s talk about this amazing invention in the comments and with members of our Telegram chat.

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